Frequently Asked Questions

Well, this is something only you can decide. Before you dcide on this, you need to think that whether you really need better quality, attractive prices and lesser turnaround time. However, never outsource only for lesser price, because then you will surely end up with some cheap service and finally pay more to get it on track.
You should first work out on your requirement and not just let the vendor decide it for you. You should work out details and demand complete transparency of all the work and process apart from cost and turnaround time.
We undertake several projects from content writing, transcription, web presence to web designing.
Before starting work, we sign a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with all the clients. This agreement clarifies that we shall never sell or disclose any product details or business ideas with any one. The complete content and work will be the intellectual property of your company.
You really need to work with some team to know about them. We stand proud with an experience of 10+ years and have compete knowledge to handle work. We can offer you to start with some small project and then look for ordering bulk work. It will surely take some time to adjust the style and working on exact requirements. Once the team understands the same, it is great to work.
Our professional team consists of article writers, blog writers, web content writers, designers, transcriptionists, and marketing team.
Surely. We have devised a technique to communicate regularly with clients and assist them in finding solutions. Our relationship manager communicates well with the clients and takes regular feedback on the work. We will regularly communicate on chats, emails, and conference calls.
We can work on dedicated resource basis, hourly basis and turnkey basis. We will help you to select the most cost effective and best model that will work for your project.
It will actually depend upon your work. The duration is usually discussed at the time the deal is made and then the work is sent to be done by our operations team. If there are some changes in the delivery schedule, then these will be informed timely and in advance. The timely delivery of your work will depend on whether regular feedback is received from you.
We shall maintain best quality as per our standards and provide transparency in all transactions. You can have all the details for the finances, timelines and deliverables in the proposal.
Our work is similar to the global standards and is not crated as per any particular vicinity or ethnicity. We adapt to the taste which is required by clients. We take complete requirements from clients before starting work.
Before starting work, we shall set all milestones for the projects. The turnaround and details are shared with you regularly.
We shall work as per the Indian standard time 9:00 AM till 9:00 PM or 3:30 am to 3:30 pm GMT time. Our sales team will be available in separate time zones. For more information you can check Contact Us.
We require some part payment which will be as advance and later on the balance amount when work is completed. If you like to continue your work with us, we can surely devise some comfortable way after some time to be flexible with the payment terms or can take it even weekly.
We are really happy that you asked this. After all this hard work, we are looking to have the payment. You can pay us through PayPal, Moneybookers, Wire transfers and shortly you will be able to pay even through credit cards. We usually accept all payments in INR, USD, GBP and EURO.
Surely. We value customer satisfaction and will surely help you rectify it. We shall also give warranty for certain days or months depending on the type of work. We also offer maintenance to give best service.
Just mail us on the email address - - with all details and the sales team will contact you. You can also contact us via messengers, the same are mentioned on the Contact Us page.