Our Services

Search Engine Optimization

With the rise of chatbots, e-commerce and shift in technological trends in 2020, 98% of global population lives online and the smartest business know how to fit in to the lives of their customers by the help of creative SEO. We help in creation of creative keyword research, On-page/Off-page SEO, Google analytics, content writing, blogging, vlogging and many other techniques to help you stay on top your competitors.

Social Media Marketing

Chatbots, Chatrooms, e - newsletters, e-books, podcasts, and online communities on FB, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social platforms help your customers come together and exchange views and ideas on your products and services. Let us know your target audience and we will create tailor knit SMM campaigns so you can have better reach to your customers and real time interaction to answer all their queries.

Content Writing

It takes only a few seconds for a customer to decide if they are at the right place for their needs. As our name suggests, we are all about creating content that speaks for your business, influences your customers, and helps you market your business grow many folds. Our content creation team uses creative thinking along with advertisement and project strategy to create an impact on customer’s minds.

Web Designing

Represent your company with your most interactive feature - your website, that works for your business even when you are away. A web and mobile friendly website is the first need of any business in today’s fast paced technological landscape. We are here to design a responsive and cost-effective website for you with the help of professional web hosting, brand and logo creation, Google analytics, photoshop, illustration, and website back up services.

Web Development

A visually appealing and customer friendly website is the biggest marketing technique for your company. We help you create a unique website for your business that separates you from the competition and converts the website visitors into potential customers. Leave your business reach and customer augmentation in the hands of our tech-savvy website developers proficient in UI/UX interfaces, digital marketing, responsive designing, and exponential coding skills.

Graphic Designing

Today Graphic designing is more than just a pastime. Logo designing has become an integral requirement for companies, due to the excessive competition that is seen among various companies. With numerous companies coming into contention and dealing in similar products and services. With the help of a unique logo you can distinguish between various companies. a good design will help you in gaining their attention and giving them a positive view about your company.

Digital Marketing

A website is nothing if it does not inspire its visitors to become its customers. Doing business in a highly technological market requires an aggressive and accurate digital marketing in the form of SEO, SMM, Email marketing, apps, blogs, online and offline marketing techniques, affiliate marketing and so on. The top businesses in the industry have chosen iContent Solutions as their digital Public Relations partner over the time for our client specific digital marketing solutions.


For 20 years, we are serving our customers in transcription services. Whether you need video transcripts/ legal transcripts or audio transcripts, we will transcribe your files. We personalize the content according to your specific needs. The customers are considered supreme and we leave no stone unturned to fulfill their needs. Starting from ordering to delivering, you can expect a professional and dedicated behavior of our staff towards their work. Our staff is committed to providing you with excellent services.